Hello World, It’s me Alyssa.

Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping by to check out my new blog, BoundtoBooks(pun very intended). For my first post, I was thinking that I should let you get to know me before you commit. So I went online and searched for a couple BuzzFeed quizzes because BuzzFeed has a quiz for everything! Before I get to that, I’ll graciously give you the snapshot of my humble beginnings that you probably don’t want. You’re welcome.

                I was born Alyssa Ann DuVall to a single mom on April 24th, 1996 in Cadillac, MI. From that day on I was a cute, sweet, and dirty child. Of course I was also a pathological liar, a troublemaker, and a bit of an asshole to my sisters(Sorry!). From playing in the dirt all day in a dress to reading in a tree, I was a complex child. Like all great writers my childhood had tragedy. I won’t lay it all here for you, but it was chaos and lonely. I always felt like those I loved were temporary. The only constant in my life was books. Going through an absent father, child abuse, and poverty books were my safe haven (great book by Nicholas sparks by the way). Books took me away from the chaos and let me be someone else. I loved books so much that I would check out multiple books from the library and got in trouble for reading too much. My grandmother used to say, “How will you remember one book from another when you go to take a reading test?”. Oh, the days of reading tests. I understood her concern but looking back I’d encourage me to read even more. My mother used to get upset with me because I wanted to spend all night after school reading instead of watching TV in the living room with everyone else. Thinking about it now, my life was Matilda. The only difference was that my teacher didn’t save me, my grandmother did.

The first BuzzFeed quiz I took was “Which book perfectly describes you?” (https://www.buzzfeed.com/ishabassi/i-just-wanna-be-at-home-reading). This one shocked me. I got Fifty Shades of Grey! I’ve personally never finished the book. I started it and I didn’t like the writing style. Maybe I should try it again since it “perfectly” describes me.

The second BuzzFeed quiz I took was “How much of a book addict are you?” (https://www.buzzfeed.com/isaacfitzgerald/give-me-all-the-books-and-nobody-gets-hurt). I encourage anyone to take this just for the hilarious statements that you check off. From “prefer books, period?” to “Ever throw the book you’re reading across the room because WHY?” the statements get more and more relatable as you go down. I passed as a book addict with the advice “don’t forget to stop reading once in a while and call your mother”. Don’t worry BuzzFeed, I have a husband to remind me.

The third and last BuzzFeed quiz I took was “Like It Or Not, Your Life Is A Book Genre, And Here’s Which Genre It Is”(https://www.buzzfeed.com/audreyworboys/book-genre-personality-quiz). This was a classic BuzzFeed like the first one I took. My result was “Fantasy Series”, which at first I didn’t get. Then I read the description and it was spot on!

If you take any of these quizzes I’d love to know what you got in the comments! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. I’m going to be uploading one book summary per week on Mondays from here on out. If you have a suggestion or recommendation please email me at bound2books.blog@gmail.com. Have a happy New Year!